Direct Sales Experts is a team of incredibly talented, professional individuals and organizations that have come together to provide clients like you with leading channel expertise. We are a global company with no headquarters, although we remain highly accessible. Our global experts are available to assist you in building your new direct sales business 24/7, and our CEO is actively involved in daily operations. Even after a client has been fully launched, we remain available to answer questions and help them remain successful. The client’s success is our success.

We structure our company so that we always place the right team with each new company in efficient timing. We are defined by the individuals we assign to our clients’ companies, so we only select and provide people who have been with our company for years and who have experienced success working with other direct selling companies. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our team members have all been distributors who started out on the ground floor and successfully worked their way up the sales ladder. Because of our experience, we can put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and build a lasting long-term relationship with them. This relationship builds the trust necessary to create a connection that helps us better serve each of our client’s needs.

We firmly believe in the free enterprise system and truly value individuals who work hard to achieve their goals. Our motto is, “You don’t build a business, you build people and people build businesses.” Our focus is on building people and providing them with the training and tools that they need to be successful. We do all this because we know that knowledge creates confidence, confidence creates enthusiasm, and enthusiasm paves the way to success.