Leadership Characteristics for VP of Sales

When you’re looking for qualified candidates to fill executive positions at your direct-selling business, it’s important to know what qualities to look for. Installing a quality leader will benefit the whole organization. At Direct Sales Experts, we match qualified candidates with your direct selling businesses, helping you find the right match for your executive positions. Connect with us to get started with our executive search consultant services, and continue reading to learn more about the characteristics your Vice President of Sales should have.


Leadership Ability

Leadership is the first characteristic you should look for when hiring for a position as high up as VP of Sales. Your ideal candidate should be a strong leader who can motivate and inspire their team to reach their goals while providing the necessary support to help them do so.


Relationship Building

Good leadership in your direct selling businesses’ sales department can make all the difference when it comes to meeting your bottom line. The perfect candidate will be able to build and maintain relationships with both clients and team members, as well as have the ability to delegate and manage teams effectively.


Results Orientated

Your VP of Sales should be focused on achieving results for your business. They should be able to identify, analyze, and develop strategies that will result in increased sales. They should also be able to identify areas of improvement and develop plans to address them.


Strategic Thinking

Finally, a VP of Sales should have a clear vision for your direct selling business and be able to create and communicate a sales strategy to ensure company goals are met. They should have the ability to think ahead and anticipate changes in the market that will affect the company’s sales performance.

All of these characteristics make for the perfect leader to fill your VP of Sales position. Direct Sales Experts can help you find a candidate with these qualifications, and more, to bring to your team. Get in touch with our executive search consultants today and we’ll get you connected to our extensive network of professionals that are eager to join your team.

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