Executive Search

Direct Sales Experts is a firm of global executive search consultants that specialize in identifying high-quality leaders to be placed in open executive positions. The talent recruiting we perform is focused on first sales, network marketing, multilevel marketing, and other social selling channels. Our firm seeks to partner strategically with our clients in order to acquire and vet exceptional talent. Our company has spent a lifetime building relationships with professionals in this industry, resting a global network of over 50,000 persons. At Direct Sales Experts, your success is our success.

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Building Strong Company & Candidates Relationships

By partnering with Direct Sales Experts, your company can receive access to several interviewed and qualified candidates that can function as a proven leader to drive direct sales. Our executive search consultants can help you find potential leaders that align with your management team to ensure your everyday processes move faster and more efficiently. The relationships we curate between our professional companies and top applicants are designed to increase company culture and place high-functioning individuals in environments where they can be successful. Once Direct Sales Experts identify a large batch of qualified leadership personnel, each will undergo our own screening process and deliver recommendations for the top three.

Saving Time, Energy & Money

On average, a new person your company brings on board will cost $250,000 by the time you identify them, interview them, relocate them, train and onboard. However, this amount can skyrocket if you hire non-qualified personnel and have to make changes, or spend a large amount of time searching for the direct sales persons you need. Direct Sales Experts is an executive search firm that is designed to help your company save time, energy, and money. Not only are all of our searches confidential, but we also work with our clients individually to craft very specific job descriptions —one that outlines the job requirements and duties and responsibilities. By doing so, we can accurately interview and vet potential candidates to fill your leadership positions.

Handling All Aspects of Executive Placement

In addition to helping global companies create accurate job descriptions, we also help create performance bonus plans based on your company’s key performance indicators. Our consultants will work with you in presenting to each client the offer that will work under your set criteria, and even establish a compensation range for each position based on channel placements and industry standards. From coming up with interview questions to presenting several qualified candidates, our direct sales executive search firm matches skills to a company’s needs.

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Executive Search

Direct Sales Experts has relationships with an expansive network of top executives within MLM, party planning and network marketing companies. This gives us access to a wide selection of more than 50,000 leaders in every sector of the direct selling channel. Executives across the globe trust us to bring them opportunities that make good use of their capabilities, expertise and ambitious desires. We have more than 100 years of combined experience within the channel of direct selling and we place each of our contacts with teams that will benefit from their specific talents and specialized skills.

Identifying and attracting experienced direct selling executives requires a rigorous selection process and a thorough understanding of the needs of our clients. Direct Sales Experts provides real insight into clients’ strategic requirements and uses proven assessment tools to recruit leaders who have the necessary skill, experience and personal qualities to advance company strategies and achieve outstanding results. We also consistently assess client satisfaction after assignments have been made in order to evaluate ourselves and improve our future assignments of executives.

Our clients continually value us for our wealth of expertise, valuable insight, honest advice, and commitment to their success. We never feel that we have succeeded until our client has succeeded. We have strategic locations throughout the United States, so no matter where you’re located, we will bring the best and brightest executives to your business. Don’t wait to find the success you’ve been searching for — we have expert executives ready to join you in your journey. Contact us now.

For more information on the direct sales channel as a whole, or if you have more specific questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to helping guide you on your journey to success!