If you have prior experience in Direct Sales, Networking Marketing, MLM, Party Plan and Social Selling, Direct Sales Experts is looking to help you find your new home. Our firm is always searching for professionals in our field to help fill job openings around the world. If we do not have your resume, we can not find you, so please send us your resume/CV. The search consultants from our firm are dedicated to finding high-performing candidates who fit the culture of companies we service and can generate more business. Submitting your resume or CV to our online database of executives in direct sales is the only way for us to identify if you are the perfect potential leader for our clients.

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If we don’t have your resume on file, we can’t help you. The only way to be considered for our executive placement and to go through our rigorous interviewing process is to submit your resume or CV. Your submission here through our website is completely confidential. Should you be contacted by our executive search consultants, expect an in-depth, up-front interview. Direct Sales Experts is dedicated entirely to identifying leaders who can deliver results quickly, matching them to potential employers who need their expertise.

Success Tips From Our Search Consultants

To increase your chances of being considered for open direct sales positions around the world, our leadership placement experts recommend following a few key tips:

Be prepared to walk us through all aspects of your resume, including the good and the bad. Our consultants recommend updating your digital footprint on every single platform and ensuring your social media accounts have a significant following. Our firm is always looking for leaders who are knowledgeable, patient, prepared, and know the answers to any network marketing or multilevel marketing challenge. Prior to an interview with our consultants, we recommend heavily reviewing the job description and thoroughly customizing your resume and talking points. Applicants must have a positive attitude, communicate their salary needs, dress appropriately, and have a solid idea of what success looks like in the job during the first 90 days.

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Share your important direct sales knowledge and executive placement expertise with companies who need them! All of this is possible when you enter your name into our Direct Sales Expert database. Our recruiters will thoroughly vet candidates and recommend them to companies around the world who need the advice and skills you can provide. We’re searching for individuals who are confident in their abilities and have the answers to our clients' direct sales questions. Our mission is to find exceptional leaders who can easily fit in a management team and drive profits.

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