Direct Sales Experts is ready to put our 46 years’ worth of leadership placement knowledge to work for you and your direct sales business. The goal of our executive search firm is to help you save time, money, and energy as you continue to grow and move product. Due to our experience in the field, we have become the vendor of choice for many network marketing and multilevel marketing companies. Let our direct sales executive search firm do all the heavy lifting, so you can continue growing your business.

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What Our Direct Sales Executive Search Firm Offers

The search consultants at Direct Sales Experts have the connections necessary to help your company interview high-performing leaders. When it comes to executive placement of professional talent, our organization offers confidential searches, up-front interviews, job description curation, and other necessary services. Our global firm specializes in helping companies identify and employ qualified persons for their leadership positions in order to enhance the quality of their marketing channels. Our Direct Sales Experts guarantee — up-front and in writing — includes everything from designing and presenting a performance bonus plan to handling all the organizing and coordination. During our process of recruiting high-quality talent to support your business, our firm will identify several final candidates to improve your placement requirements.

The Importance of High-Quality Leadership Talent

Partnering with executive recruiters to cultivate, identify, and interview potential leadership talent is the best way to ensure short-term and long-term success. At Direct Sales Experts, we believe in ensuring leadership placement candidates have the skill sets and executive acumen to ensure future growth. We understand how having the right leader at the helm of your direct sales company can explode your company's growth, and how disastrous it can be to have the wrong executive placement plan. Going through the process of hiring the wrong person can end up costing you $250,000 on average, but our search consultants can help you reduce that risk through our proven selection process.

Why Choose Our Direct Sales Executive Placement

Our global executive search consultants are ready to help you find qualified candidates that can help take your management team to the next level. Our focus is entirely on direct selling talent, recruiting individuals using our professional connections to fill your job openings. Our mission is to find leaders from all around the world who can deliver the results you’re looking for. Direct Sales Experts handles everything from initial interviews to agreement negotiations, not taking any form of payment until after our top candidates start work. Our founder, Craig A. Fleming, is eager to share his experience and skills from building and running the largest company of its kind in the world, even operating it as a New York Stock Exchange company.

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