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Hit By A Bus

Wall Street analysts always ask the question, "If you get hit by a bus tomorrow, who takes your place?" It was only after a medical episode that I came to realize just how important that question was. I had done no succession planning, I was it, if I'm gone, the business ends. I contacted Craig Fleming and together we reviewed our organizational chart, job descriptions and holes in the business. Developed a plan and immediately began a mentoring process.

Start To Finish in 7 Days

We tried every means possible to find qualified candidates, job boards, referrals, friends, family and we did not find anyone qualified. Direct Sales Experts presented us with 3 candidates all meeting our job description and culture requirements and we hired the person all within a weeks time.

A Perfect Match

Our company is very unique, we have very strong A+ personalities and we needed a person who could fit within our culture and be that strong leader for our field sales force. We found that perfect candidate after several interviews. At the C-Suite level we found that you need that personal relationship that the team at Direct Sales Experts has cultivated to help identify and persuade top talent to make a move.

A Culture Fit Day 1

In 10 years I have never hired from the outside as I took great pride in promoting and developing from within. While it worked for a while I now have realized that my old ways was not keeping up with the latest trends and technology. I have now used Direct Sales Experts for 4 placements within the past year and we have not only grown our business but our culture has remained as I had envisioned from day one.

A Needle in a Haystack

When starting my business I wanted to get away from the MLM stigma so I knew I needed to find that needle in the haystack type person who had a strong background in Direct Sales but also was not so ingrained in the existing culture that they couldn't see beyond what they have done for the past 15 years. I contacted Craig Fleming and he immediately got it. Within 30 days we had interviewed 7 candidates and found a great match.